new vintage by kriss

new vintage by kriss is an international jewellery brand that creates cool, gorgeous and wearable jewellery. from the beginning their aim has been to empower women to live lives fully, to dream big and to act bold, to forget about the rules and to follow their own path.

nvbyk’s jewellery is designed by kriss eglīte and hand-crafted in her studio in tallinn, estonia. they only use semi-precious stones, cultured pearls, 925 silver, gold-filled and other quality materials, which is why their jewellery is non-allergic and if tended to properly will shine beautifully for decades.

however nvbyk’s pieces are not only about quality and beauty, they carry a far deeper meaning with them. each design has a story behind it, something that moved, encouraged, inspired or touched the team of nvbyk.

they believe that certain ideals, emotions and dreams are universal and meaningful to all of us – those are the stories that nvbyk wants to tell with its jewellery.

nvbyk won people’s choice award at tallinn fashion week, 2018.


nvbyk signature pieces

every once in awhile the brand creates a product that fits so well with the overall message and intention, that it becomes its signature piece.

time to rock bracelet

time to rock was one of the first pieces that they created in 2010 and it has ever since become nvbyk’s signature piece, as well as one of their best sellers – uniting fearless women everywhere.

have you ever wanted to just take off the watch and go where your heart leads? well, time to rock bracelet is for those brave souls, who do just that. they dare to forget about time and follow their own path.

it is time to live by your own rules.

it is time to rock!

this bracelet has an eu registered design protection.

photo credit: riina varol

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