guild is one of the most prestigious estonian brands, which combines tailoring and effortless street style in the most distinctive way, presenting rtw collections for both men and women. guild’s handwriting is timeless, full of natural quality materials and made in a truly harmonious atmosphere. all is created under one roof in guild’s hometown, tallinn, just like in bygone times when artisans joined under guilds with an oath to give their best in everything they do. the working environment, conscious fabric suppliers, no waste and leftovers, products that would withstand time were just a few of the many impulses for the concept of guild to be brought to life in 2012 by two lovers, Sten Karik and Joan Hint.

from the beginning, guild has conveyed a very strong message both in their designs and in visuals, which is why their work has been featured in a print issue of the coveted revs magazine and in elle paris. in 2016, one of their straw hats was chosen as one of the top 10 most fashionable summer hats by vogue paris.

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